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We are a full-service sports management, production and sponsorship agency. We provide services for clients throughout the Middle East.

Our mission statement reflects our care, passion and professionalism for our industry.

We are an extremely organized, approachable, and honest professional sports management and sponsorship firm that delivers the highest standards of customer service in our industry.

Our communication is superior as we continuously cater to our client’s needs as a caring parent, concerned with how his child will be approached and perceived.

We believe through sports and event marketing we can help promote healthy lives, balanced and active communities, and strong businesses. We strive to deliver high quality events for our participants and a high quality business return for our clients.



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White Logo 5K Sundays


Sportscode offers you the opportunity to run 5 Km in the city of Jounieh every other Sunday. “5K Sundays” will be organised  to promote healthy life style and push the whole community to run in places where they’re visiting everyday.

“You don’t need to get competitive, its all about pushing your own boundaries!”